Basildon Superstars 2019

Searching for true sporting SUPERSTARS in Basildon Borough

Would you like to compete against sportsmen and women from Europe in a range of ten different sports over a weekend?

Are you available on Friday evening 20th September and throughout Saturday and Sunday 21st/22 nd September to find the outstanding sports personality from the Basildon Borough?

As we celebrate the 70th anniversary of Basildon we are inviting 70 competitors in four different age groups and for both sexes. To add to the flavour of the event we will be joined by competitors from our twin towns in Germany and France.

Competition 1          Boys of Primary School Age                                                8 competitors

Competition 2          Girls of Primary School Age                                                8 competitors

Competition 3          Boys aged Under 14          (as at 21/09/19)                     10 competitors

Competition 4          Girls aged Under 14           (as at 21/09/19)                     10 competitors

Competition 5           Young men Under 18        (as at 21/09/19)                       9 competitors

Competition 6           Young women Under 18   (as at 21/09/19)                       9 competitors

Competition 7           Men over 18                      (as at 21/09/19)                       8 competitors

Competition 8           Women over 18                 (as at 21/09/19)                       8 competitors

Entry will be absolutely free, medals and trophies will be awarded in each competition.

Entrants will compete in eleven sports over the weekend:

Archery, Football Penalty Shoot, Basketball challenge, 800/1500m run, Cricket Challenge, Gym Test, 25m swim, Cricket Ball throw, Long Jump, Cycle Challenge, Rowing Challenge.

Each competitor can opt out of one event or compete in all eleven and drop worst score.

Please download the Superstars entry form here or contact us on for a form to fill in to express your interest which should reach the organisers by May 3rd 2019 as we expect fierce competition for places.  The decision on who will be invited to compete will be taken by a panel.  Successful applicants will be notified of their places by the end of May.

Entry is accepted from any resident of Basildon or someone connected to a Basildon

Borough based school or club.  Our European guests will reside in Heiligenhaus, Germany or Meaux, France.


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