Some Feedback from our Footie Tour in Heiligenhaus in May

Some feedback from Year 8 footballers from Beauchamps High School:
“We went to Heiligenhaus on a football tour in May.”

“We played one friendly match and played in two tournaments, one for kids our age and one with kids up to two years older than us.”

“The German football club who were our hosts took us to the stadium at Borussia Mönchengladbach.”

“We won the friendly match and also the Year 8 Football tournament. Although we did not win the older age group tournament we still won three matches and in the last game for a bit of fun we all mixed up our positions with strikers playing in defence and defenders as attackers. One of our smallest players played in goal. It was fun.”

“We found out that our Twin Town in Germany is called Heiligenhaus and that Twinning was created to build friendships between people who were at war with each other in World War Two.”

“We were really impressed with how nice the German people were to us and that they always liked talking to us. The hospitality from everyone was great. One shop keeper even gave us free ice cream and in the restaurant a businessman paid our food bill and another paid our drinks bill.”

“We were impressed that everyone spoke English, even the kids our age and they were all really polite.”

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