Run Challenge 2020

There is an annual “Panoramaweglauf” international running event held in Heiligenhaus. In the past, Basildon runners have attended, and several have won medals. The races take place over 10km, 5km, 3km and 1km, and involve different age groups.

The 2020 event was obviously postponed, however, the Twinning Associations of Basildon and Heiligenhaus issued a challenge to competitors to compete in the event, but individually, in a place of their choosing. One hundred and thirty-eight competitors took part with some amazing times run. Medals were presented to successful winners.

It all bodes well for Panoramaweglauf 2021.

Medalists from Year 7 at Beauchamps High School
Medalists from Year 10 at Beauchamps High School – Ben, Sam, Lenny and Miller

The team trophy awarded to Basildon who defeated Heiligenhaus by 128 points to 67 points.
Ryan is holding an additional “Exceptional performance” plaque due to his 41 minute run in the 10km race. Ryan is also the newest ‘Young Twin’ member of Basildon Twinning.

Llyam from Woodlands School
Medalists from the Gesamtschule, Heiligenhaus
Nick from Heiligenhaus

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