Ryan’s Run for Cancer Research

10km Sponsored WINTER RUN for Cancer Research on Sunday 7th February 2021

Fifteen-year-old RYAN DONNELLY from Wickford is attempting the UK wide 10km WINTER RUN event to raise funds for Cancer Research. He was inspired to take part because a family member is a cancer sufferer and he appreciates all the work of the scientists working to find cures for cancer.

Ryan is a talented boxer and footballer as well as being a member of the newly formed Young Twins Association linking him to like-minded young people in Basildon’s twin towns of Heiligenhaus in Germany and Meaux in France.

He has been training for this event during the cold months to try and keep up his physical strength and is looking forward to the coming challenge at the weekend. He is thankful to all those who have so far sponsored his effort which has also included some generous donations from as far afield as Germany.

Speaking after an exhausting training session Ryan said, “ I much prefer running in the summer but I would like to thank all my sponsors.”He is hoping for good weather on Sunday. It is not known if anyone else from Basildon Borough is participating in the event but what is known is that 3,800 runners are joining in across the UK.If anyone would like to contribute to Ryan’s effort, then please log onto his Just Giving page:https://www.virtualwinterrun.co.uk/…/virtual-winter-run

Ryan Donnelly

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