Coming up in July…

The Somme Commemoration on Thursday 1st July 2021

For the second year running we are not able to visit our “Empty Chair” memorial on The Somme, in France but we are lucky to have a replica at Wat Tyler Park so we will hold a short service at our memorial outside the Green Centre at 07.28, the precise time that British and French troops went over the top to attack German lines 105 years ago.

We shall gather at 07.15 and offer tea and coffee before going off to work.
The programme will include a short statement about the Chair and the occasion. We will have a reading out of the names of those who lost their lives during the battle from Basildon, Heiligenhaus and Meaux.
Finally we will have a quoting of The Lochnagar Promise.
All welcome. It will be a short ceremony so if anyone wants to bring their children as they will be able to leave and get to school on time.

Twinning Superstars at The Sporting Village Saturday 3rd July 2021

Nine events and five different age groups of competitors. Although our German and French friends cannot be with us in person, they are competing in their own towns and we will be filming all three countries events to make a larger film once all the footage is in.
Helpers need to be in position by 09.00 with the children arriving at 09.30. First event off at 10.00. The event will finish at 17.00

 Start of “Remembering Srebrenica” Memorial week on Monday 5th July 2021

Twenty-six years ago this week, 8,000+ men and boys were massacred during the Bosnian War.
Ryan Donnelly, one of our young twins, has written to Basildon Council asking for the Council to follow Thurrock Council and issue a statement of support for the “Remembering Srebrenica” Association as their motto “Let us build a society free from hatred” fits so well into the ethos of The Forget Never Project”. Ryan and the Basildon Young Twins are gathering outside The Basildon Centre at 1700 on Monday 5th July to highlight the beginning of the memorial week. They are issuing a press release and hope to be joined by Councillors from the Council. The Young Twins want to pose a question  for the week to be discussed by members of the Community – What is hate? Is it a word tripping off the tongue with little regard for what the word actually means? It is often confused with “I don’t much like” or “it is not my cup of tea.” If you want to join the Young Twins please just turn up.

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