International Day of Peace 21st September 2021


Basildon Borough Twinning Association are once again highlighting the United Nations International Day of Peace on 21st September.

“One man giving all his time to peace will make news. Many people giving a little time will make history”

Our activities will begin at 18.00 at Beauchamps High School, Wickford on Monday 20th when the team of Young Twins led by 16-year-old Ryan Donnelly will play a symbolic game against Basildon-based refugees.

The referee for the game is Councillor Kevin Blake. Mayor of Basildon. Councillor David Dadds will be attending to support the event.

On Tuesday 21st, the actual International Day of Peace, Peace games are being held at Greensted Junior School for Primary Schools and in the afternoon again at Beauchamps High School.

On 1st October the traditional Basildon Borough Peace match between Beauchamps High School and Woodlands School will take place.

Students from Heiligenhaus and Meaux are contributing messages of Peace to a commemorative film which will be produced.

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